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mid-week magnums: large format champagne by the glass

poured 4pm - until we run out!

Why drink out of a magnum? Magnums are one and a half liters, twice a standard 750mL bottle. The reason magnum is the ideal format for enjoying your favorite bubble beverage has to do with the relationship between volume and oxidation. Wine corks are watertight but not airtight. They allow for the slow and steady passage of oxygen gas in and out of the bottles which contributes to the ageing of the wine. Magnums have twice the volume of a regular bottle but roughly the same diameter neck, which means that they age slower and more steadily. You can expect greater freshness from older vintages when drinking champagne from a magnum. Additionally, magnums are usually bottled first with the best barrel selection, so you’re likely to find better juice in there from the get go. Cheers!

January 9: Pol Roger Brut, $23/glass

An elegant Champagne with a smokey, mineral underpinning which has subtle flavors of poached pear, toast, candied lemon zest and ginger. It is an equal blend of all three grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The harmonious nature of this wine makes it hard to stop sipping! No wonder it’s pretty much the only Champagne Sir Winston Churchill drank. Today, it holds her majesty’s “Royal Seal of Approval”. At Effervescence it’s always in our BOND flight on select movie nights!

January 16: J Lassalle Cuvée Preference 1er Cru Brut, $19/glass

This lime-scented cuvée is the work of chef de cave Angeline Templar, whose grandfather founded this estate in 1942. This is a growers champagne in which wines are elegant, tightly knit and structured. When patriarch Jules Lassalle passed away in 1982, his wife and their daughter took over the estate. Their twenty-eight year tradition of “une femme, un spirit, un style" (one woman, one spirit, one style) holds true today with Angeline. Expect a full bodied balanced wine with fruitiness underlined with a hint of licorice or fennel.

January 23: Leclerc Briant Brut Réserve: $24/glass

Leclerc Briant, founded in 1872, is a trailblazing Champagne house producing wines of singular energy and nerve. They were an early adapter of organic practices in the 1960’s and the first to bottle a single-vineyard champagne in the 1970’s. More recently an American couple acquired the house after the sudden death of Pascal Leclerc and partnered with a French chef de cave to reclaim it’s place in Champagne. Many of their grapes are grown in a field blend and are all harvested at the same time. Expect the depth and fruitiness of a Champagne made from 80% red grapes and the lemony acidity from the Chardonnay. The finish is firmly dry with lingering notes of coriander and chervil.

January 30: Pierre Moncuit Hugues Coulmet Blanc de Blancs, $17/glass

Nicole Moncuit and daughter Valerie now run this grower-handler family house with brother Yves managing the marketing. The house is located in the heart of the Côte des Blanc in Mesnil Sur Oger. This particular wine is the only Moncuit wine not made from Mesnil fruit. “Hugues Coulmet” is the name of the parcel in the commune of Sézanne where the Chardonnay grapes are grown. Another unusual bent in the Moncuit way of doing things is there are no reserve wines used in it’s production. All wines are made from a single year...regardless of the label. There is so much to like in this wine, tastes of pears, flowers, and sweet subtle spice flow effortlessly. Think fine Chablis with bubbles!